Subcommittees of SELPA 1 CAC

SELPA 1 CAC has several subcommittees for certain issues.

Palo Alto CAC is technically a subcommittee of SELPA 1 CAC, but in truth it is a very large, robust organization with a focus on special education issues in Palo Alto. We encourage you to visit their website and get involved with their great programs.

The Mental Health Subcommittee is a committed group of volunteers with a focus on addressing the needs of students and parents with mental health challenges. They keep tabs on resources and events supporting mental health, as well as hosting a support group for parents of teens with mental health concerns, Parent Chat.

The Legislative Subcommittee is involved with understanding and supporting legislation that is important to promote quality education and special education at the local, county, state and federal levels.

Although not a subcommittee of SELPA 1 CAC, the Learning Challenges Committee is a PTA based organization in Mountain View and Los Altos committed to helping families of students with learning challenges and helping teachers with resources to help teach ALL students.