Middle School Program

Junior high schools offer a unique and wonderful opportunity to share the message of ability awareness.  We have found that eighth graders, especially, are open to learning and sharing about differing levels of abilities whether they are psychological, neurological, physical, academic or socio-economic.  Although initial contact should be with the principal and his/her staff, we present our program through the health education program.  We are “on-site” and presenting our program to the eighth grade health classes throughout the day.

Our sample plan can be fit into a 30 to 50 minute period, depending on the number of activities and the amount of group discussion time.  (The shorter presentation can also be combined with a brief bullying presentation.)  Rather than rotating the students through activity stations, we have found it more productive to have an individual leader present all the activities to a single group.  Ideally, each group will have between 10 and 14 students (although we have accommodated as few as 8 and as many as 25).  The number of instructors needed will, then, depend on the number of students in each class.

Important note:  We feel it most appropriate to ask for volunteers only for each activity (unless you have personal knowledge that a certain student is outgoing and comfortable in front of a group).  Some students will struggle with certain activities and our goal is to make this presentation a positive learning experience for everyone.

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